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The goal in every case is to negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement, without litigation. This is not always possible. In either litigation or settlement, the client is an active participant and together we can achieve the most successful client outcome.


Why should I hire an attorney to handle my divorce?

When there are contested issues which cannot be discussed, valued, or resolved fairly and directly, or if one party has been dishonest or abusive, then hiring any attorney to advocate and defend, should be a priority.

An attorney, with their superior legal knowledge and experience, can help the client navigate through the complex legal system to achieve their desired goals. A divorce is a major event in anyone's life; an attorney can help the client navigate the divorce and the aftermath of the dissolution of marriage because they are not an involved party. Rather your attorney is your advocate. With their clear perspective and professional demeanor an attorney will help the client in this difficult time.

Why should I mediate my divorce?

If the parties can agree to the basic terms of their separation and likelihood of divorce, then a trained neutral such as Attorney Rosenbaum can help mediate an amicable resolution to this life transition.  Divorce mediation is an affordable way to prepare and finalize a divorce or to modify the terms of a prior divorce agreement.

Why should I hire The Law Office of Stephen A. Rosenbaum?

Attorney Rosenbaum and his staff have a wealth of experience in handling a wide variety of legal issues. The Law Office of Stephen A. Rosenbaum is dedicated to serving their clients. Stephen A. Rosenbaum is a Divorce Attorney in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

If you would like to learn more about divorce and family law or our other practice areas or would like to speak with attorney Rosenbaum about divorce mediation, call or email us at 978-465-8490,
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  • Divorce and Family Law

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